Studii de caz industria alimentară

Martin Farms, Brockport, NY

A top grower, packer and shipper of butternut squash uses Steril-Aire UVC to eradicate both surface and airborne bacterial contamination, doubling product shelf life. Read Full Case Study

Cantaloupe Melon ThumbEffect of Processing Under Ultraviolet on the Shelf Life of Fresh-cut Cantaloupe Melon (Journal of Food Science)

This peer-reviewed research report demonstrates that Steril-Aire UVC is effective in reducing yeast, mold, and Pseudomonas spp populations in fresh-cut melon. The USDA Agricultural Research Service concluded that cutting fruit under UVC provided favorable enzyme changes to improve quality and extend shelf life several days. Read Full Case Study



Lethal Light - UVC for Food ThumbLethal Light – UVC for Food Applications (Food Engineering Magazine)

An interview with Dr. Robert Scheir discussing the efficacy of UVC in controlling food borne bacteria. Read Full Case Study





Washington Potato ThumbWashington Potato Company, Warden, WA

The use of a customized tumbling drum from Reyco Systems equipped with Steril-Aire germicidal UV effectively destroys bacteria, such as Coliform, on potato products prior to freezing and packaging. Read Full Case Study





Steril-Aire Food Processing Brochure ThumbSteril-Aire Food Processing Brochure

An overview of how Steril-Aire UVC enhances food safety through mold and bacteria control, extending product shelf life and improving quality and production yields. Germicidal UVC helps to avoid recalls and mitigation, reducing sales loss, brand damage and liability. Installed in tumbling drums, conveyor and shaker systems, commercial refrigeration and other food processing equipment, Steril-Aire UVC is ideal for surface decontamination. Installed in plant HVAC and air make up systems (AMUs), UVC reduces airborne contamination before it is circulated throughout the plant. Read Full Brochure